Location is no reason to delay a transformation.

If you live outside the Los Angeles area, you can connect with me via Skype or FaceTime and apply the timeless wisdom of Feng Shui to your home or office right away! Just send photos and key information before our session, and I'll be able to analyze your space and make recommendations based on your individual needs.

Modern Feng Shui (Single Room) -- I'll help you enhance select rooms in your home or office, to support your highest levels of well-being, productivity, and comfort.*

Modern Feng Shui (Full House) -- After a virtual walk-through of your entire home or work environment, I'll give you suggestions on how to transform the energy and bring the space into alignment with your greatest goals.*

Classical Feng Shui -- In addition to applying Modern Feng Shui, I'll share your best sleeping directions, best working directions, and best colors, and direct you on where to place natural, energy enhancing Feng Shui remedies.*

*Rates depend on the size of your space, as well as on your unique needs for your consultation. Please submit an inquiry for a custom quote.