The change you see outside is the change you'll see inside.

One of the biggest ways you can make a shift in your life is to make a shift in your space. Because your home is saying something to you every moment of every day, whether you realize it or not! How do you feel about what your home is saying about you and your life? Is your space keeping up with the dynamic and expanding being that is you?

No matter what your circumstances or challenges, clutter clearing and Feng Shui can help support every cycle of your life and lend energy to your clarity, vigor, and purpose. Some of the best times to use either of these systems are when you would like to:

  • Rebuild your life after a breakup, divorce, or other challenging loss
  • Get clear about your life's vision and tap into your true passions
  • Bring in new romantic relationships or enhance existing ones
  • Create a space that supports your career and business goals
  • Increase your productivity if you work from home
  • Promote a general feeling of well-being in your space

Choose an in-person consultation package that aligns with your most immediate needs:

Clutter Solutions Coaching -- During a personal coaching session, I'll identify your biggest clutter challenges, help you declutter one area of your home at a time, and walk you through new mindsets and habits that will help you keep your home clutter free. $65 per hour with 3 hour minimum.                                                            

Modern Feng Shui (Single Room) -- I'll focus on select rooms in your home to enhance their function, flow, and energy, and will also help you overcome your biggest space challenges so that you can feel more at ease in your environment.*

Modern Feng Shui (Full House) -- I'll transform the energy of your home from top to bottom, providing you with a full written report of Feng Shui enhancements to maximize the well-being and comfort of your entire family.*

Classical Feng Shui -- In addition to applying Modern Feng Shui, I'll reveal your best sleeping directions, best working directions, and best colors according to Chinese astrology. I'll also give you special instructions on where to place natural Feng Shui remedies. (A floor plan of your home, to scale, is required.)*

*Rates vary depending on the size of your space and the scope of your project. Please submit an inquiry for a custom quote.