Energize your workplace for maximum advantage.

Work is always a little easier when you feel great in your office space. Eliminating clutter and tailoring your environment towards flow and inspiration can boost your personal productivity, your team's productivity, and unleash your creative energy! If you want to propel your organization towards its highest levels of success, you can use clutter solutions coaching and Feng Shui to:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Enhance team morale
  • Ease work environment stress
  • Make customers feel at home

Clutter Solutions Coaching -- I'll help you conquer the endless paper, administrative supplies, and other odds and ends that make your office an intimidating and not so conducive place to work. I'll also suggest organizing solutions to maximize your work flow. $65 per hour with 3 hour minimum.

Modern Feng Shui (Single Office) -- To help strengthen your personal power in the workplace, I'll suggest energy enhancing changes for the layout, organization, and artwork of your personal office or cube.*

Modern Feng Shui (Full Office) -- I'll help you position your team for success by making suggestions on energy-lifting colors, artwork, furniture arrangements, and organizing solutions for the public spaces and individual offices of your entire company.*

Classical Feng Shui -- Along with Modern Feng Shui, I'll calculate the best working directions for your key managers, suggest energy enhancing landscape features for your office grounds, and give details on where to place natural Feng Shui remedies.*

*Rate depends upon the size of your office and the scope of your project, please submit an inquiry for a custom quote.