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Ever feel like the energy in your home is just "stuck"? Do you sense this energy might be connected to your entire life, especially to those parts that simply aren't working? Your home should always give you a boost -- not be a drain! I've personally experienced the transformational power that results when we take control of our space, and I'm here to help you bring physical, emotional, psychological, and energetic support to your own environment. Whether it's through clutter clearing, Feng Shui, or tips from my blog Sunny Says, you can take steps today to shift the feel and flow of your space and tap into your most inspired and productive life!



Is the clutter in your home or office making you feel overwhelmed, helpless, or sluggish? I'll work with you one-on-one to eliminate the chaos once and for all, and I'll also design your custom plan of action for staying clutter free.


Does your home or office feel uncomfortable, uninspiring, or simply "not you"? Whether it's one room or your entire space, I'll help you make your surroundings feel energized and more aligned with your life's intentions and goals.


Are you ready to benefit from the unique auspicious energies of your home or office? I'll apply the ancient and time-tested knowledge of Classical Feng Shui to reveal where to place natural energy enhancing elements and more.